About BMS

Buckwalter Motorsports has been in business for 16 years servicing some the major racing programs across the US, including Quarter Midgets of America and USAC.


Buckwalter motor sports is owned and operated by Rick Buckwalter who has been involved in racing for 62 years. Rick's passion and dedication to racing began with his parents Rick and Betty Buckwalter who involved Rick at a very young age. Starting out in quarter midgets in the very beginning and then moving on to go-karts, micro sprints, and modifieds.


Not long after, Rick's son Tim Buckwalter began racing quarter midgets at the age of 6 1/2. Tim raced many of the local quarter midget tracks along the east coast, along with many of the National races across the U.S. After quarter midgets Tim quickly moved up the racing ranks from micro sprints to ARDC midget racing, where Tim won the ARDC championship in 2011. Throughout the past few years Tim has competed in TQs, Speedster, and Modified races. Presently Tim is racing Modifieds at Grandview Speedway in car 22.


Through years of dedication and hard work Buckwalter Motorsports is here to dedicate their time and expertise to every racing family across the U.S.